New layout

It’s not quite finished but there’s a new layout here at, hope you like it – I’m a bit rusty! It features images from Hugh’s L’Uomo Vogue shoot from last year.


  1. Diego Armando


    I’m glad you back. You’re fansite was the best, with the best gallery, I remember I was crazy when it went offline. I hope you can back like it was before, I’m a great fan of that man. And sorry about my english, I’m brazilian. You are making a great job on your fansite, please, don’t stop working here and very Hugh Jackman’s fans will be happy. XoXo.

  2. koorosh

    we are from iran
    and a NGO commpany
    we love hugh
    We want to invite them to Iran
    are you can help us?
    we must chat about invite him.
    love hugh


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